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oh i would also love more colored representation in things as a normality, like why is it every time someone of a different ethnicity is in a movie or a show exclusively it has to revolve around what they are like

just give me a movie with a muslim protagonist who fights evil monsters on a daily or some shit, give me a black girl protagonist who can make spells and shape the world or whatever the fuck, like white people are so invisible they get to have all the adventurous movies and shit without a single wink but the minute you add something different into that mix they either become a stereotype or the adventure revolves more around what we can already see than an actual adventure

im so used to the consistency of queer representation on this website that when im actually deprived of that representation in public media i actually get visibly irritated and disgruntled when i see heterosexuals in anything

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Anonymous asked: "What if an undead ghoul from the skeletal race drove a big black spire through your house, while a robot moster with a TV head licks your furniture,?"

this  sounds like some sick crossover of tokyo ghoul and kagerou project

which now that im thinking about it and acknowledging it is terrifying and should never happen ever

i would personally prevent this from happening

Anonymous asked: "What if a random guy just jumps out in front of you screaming " I WAS RAISED BY BATS" then proceeds to punch you in the eye, bite you on the thigh, and kick you in the ass?"


that sounds kinky as hell

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Anonymous asked: "What if you killed stars, and one day you accidentally kill the sun, and a much bigger unicorn jumps out while it's riding down the side of an erupting volcano?"

i mean in the end i guess the fault is in our stars

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Anonymous asked: "If you ran into an average evil meteor from out of the sky, and it asked for brains, would you, do a sing-along with it, or eat all the green stuff spewing out of it's creepy mustache?"

there’s no way youre making these up there has to be some sort of website youre using i wont Fall for your Reindeer Games

id sing along with it but only if it agreed to sing komm susser tod with me

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CUTE!!! *points* CUTE!!!!

You always have something kind to say and you’re full of SO MUCH enthusiasm for the things you’re passionate about and it’s so SWEET AND INSPIRING!! You always seem so excitable and whenever I see you post something it always brings a smile to my face.

Sometimes I reblog stuff and I’m like “yes…this person will like this” and you DO

SPEAKING of liking u always like my text posts and it makes me feel like im noticed and I LIKE THAT!! I like you. You’re awesome. Please continue to do that